Language Support

duringing the installation process a form is presented where i could upload a language pack. Where can i find available language packs? I would need German Translation.
Thanks in advance

Joachim, please have a look at
They link to for German Language Pack. Costs 6,90 EUR VAT excluded.

Add: next release of spicecrm should contain our German package. No release date known for now.

Thank you for the anwer!
Best regards, Joachim

I wanted to use a translation for SugarCRM, which I found on the net (too old version). Did not work. I have tried to use the translation for SuiteCRM. A lot of errors. SpiceCRM needs a dedicated translations because of the many differences.

I make a translation for Polish, for my own needs. It will be publicly available. If someone will need it.

Any language pack compatible with Sugar CE 6.5.22 should work.

I have not found a Polish translation for this version of SugarCRM.
That is why I have to do the translation myself.

Where has the file (in my case german language package) has to be copied so that is selectable and movable to enabled languages?

Thanks Karsten

Karsten, load and install your language zip file over administration > module loader.
Then open config.php file in your SpiceCRM instance
Add ‘de_DE’ => ‘Deutsch’, to languages array.

'languages' => 
  array (
    'en_us' => 'English (US)',
    'de_DE' => 'Deutsch',

If you want German to be the default language on login, modify ‘default_language’ => ‘en_us’, to
’default_language’ => ‘de_DE’,