Filtering related records as list

When filtering (Select):
Why do some related fields (via relationships) show up in the select field with the option “is one of” while others show up as simple text fields (“starts with”, “contains”, etc.)?

How can I get KReporter to allow me to choose from a list of available items instead of having to enter the filter term as a string (i.e. having to remember what it’s called).
In my current case I’d like to be able to filter Project and Project Task from a list. If I use the “name” field as a filter, I have to enter the name text as a filter instead of seeing a list of available Project names or Project Task names.

Operator depends on field type.
Type enum (dropdown), relate fields will enable “is one of”. You may select multiple assigned users.
Type text, varchar will not.
Type Date will enable date operators (this year, last year…from - to…)
Type integer, float will enable number operators (smaller than, greater than…)

As for your list, don’t enter any field in “select” tab
set operator to ignore and allow edit to be able to add select values when viewing the report
Then you will get the full list.

I don’t understand your second comment, can you elaborate?

Editing report

Viewing report

Right, that’s what I’m doing now. So there’s no way to add a search filter for e.g. project name that allows the user to pick from a list of available projects instead of typing in the name himself, correct?

If you have many projects, you may want to add a category field to tag your projects and use that field as a filter.