Multi-select field is not working in filter's search

I am having problem with a field which is type multy-select. When I add the field to the FTS and set it up like this:

  • Type = ‘text’
    or I make another test and set it up like this:
  • Type = ‘keyword’
    There is no result in my custom List search (I am using it as a filter).

Can someone helps me with this problem?

I think there is bug here.
You have something like this in your list

A filter on your multiple select field.
If you only use aggregates (type = keyword and aggregate = term in FTS Setup) it works, as soons as you add this field to a filter it doesn’t anymore.

We will debug this behaviour. I am not sure if aggregates are compatible with a filter on an aggregate field. We’ll see.

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Thanks for the feedback. This works perfectly for us as a workaround.