User Interface - New Installation

Hey Team,

I am trying to understand what I need to do to get the same setup as and the screenshots on the parent website.
I have installed with the demo data but looking at a different interface

What do I need to do? Couldnt find any online tutorials or detailed instructions


I have picked up that I needed the KREST module to be installed as a stage 2, not greatly explained and not sure why it wouldnt have been included in the standard install

Still not having fun with the rewriting along with other random issues such as uploading the module. Looks to be a common issue

Is there a script to launch this on a Digital Ocean Droplet or the like? Keen to play with the admin side to see what value there is from transitioning over from SuiteCRM

Additional Documentation I found, although wasn’t useful for installation

Has anyone installed SpiceCRM on a VestaCP instance?

Same setup as requires
SpiceCRM backend ( ) and SpiceCRM UI. For now there is no public version of Spice UI. You therefore can’t install. Estimated release date is fall/winter 2018.

Hey Val,

Thank you for the reply,
Is there a beta version of the SpiceCRM UI? How can I play with it, at the point of which direction I go this weekend for the software stack

Someone kindly share the information am also eagerly waiting