Incorrect Group by Date

We have an issue where we wanted to view Cases opened by Date (Grouped). Noticed that a Case created on 10/7/18 at 8:47 pm was in the Created on 10/8 group. Does kReporter operate on a different base time zone that might have caused this?

KReporter groups on date value saved in database.
For display date is re-calculated for user’s timezone.

In the example balow Case 25 was created 2016-08-23 at 11:30 pm.
It will belong to August 23rd for query, but date will be displayed for the user in August 24th. The user has git timezone gmt +4 .

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Hey Val,

I was able to use Inserted DATE_FORMAT(CONVERT_TZ({t}.{f},’+00:00’,’-05:00’),’%Y-%m-%d’) and correctly assigned cases per current time zone. Just fyi