Installation - UI Language Config - REST Call error somewhere... Action aborted

Hey guys

I have been trying to install the new UI for the last couple of days following the installation guide, and I believe I have all the working elements but getting a couple of errors on step 5 and cannot see anything in the sugar errorlogs. When I try the Front End URL it starts loading after your login attempt but hangs on loading the Language component.

UI Language Config
Error - “REST Call error somewhere… Action aborted”

UI Config
Error - “REST Call error somewhere… Action aborted”

Love to get your direction on what could be causing the issue

I also noticed that the packages gives a 404 error, wasnt sure if this was related.


Looks like our configuration server crashed. We check that will keep you posted.

Do you get a 404 when calling*/*

This url works, screenshot attached

ok, thanks. That’s good. I am checking the language loader logic in spicecrm download package.

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I downloaded spicecrm_be_release_core master, I installed (after adding a hotfix which is now committed to master branch) it.
I went to administration > UI Language config
I selected English
I got no error

Did you download master or release branch?

May have been the master, was there any database changes between master and release?

Master would be wise.
Could you re-download to make sure you are up-to-date?

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Fresh download and install and we are working!

Cheers mate

Hey mate,
Still struggling to get a stable version working with data populating in the Front end. Been a working progress since release

My devs are getting messages that there are missing files. We have reinstalled it a few different types on a few different environments.

Error screenshot attached

"unable to load DB manager for: " and this error in log file repeats on each page almost

I am hoping to isolate and remove any configuration issues and get a working version happening on our testing server.
Do you have a full working backup of the demo environment you could share which has already been configured? From which I can change the site URL / Elasticsearch engine and see if it removes any config issues to see if I have any other issues with the server config.

Try this:
Truncate all your sysui tables in database
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuimodulerepository;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuiobjectrepository;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuiroutes;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuicomponentsets;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuicomponentsetscomponents;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuifieldsets;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuifieldsetsitems;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuiactionsets;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuiactionsetitems;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuiadmincomponents;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuicomponentdefaultconf;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuicomponentmoduleconf;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuicopyrules;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuifieldtypemapping;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuirolemodules;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuiroles;
TRUNCATE TABLE sysuidashboarddashlets;

Go to bakend > Administration > SpiceUI Config > UI Configload config but only core

Delete your browser cache.
Close Browser
Reload UI

Hey mate,

Appreciate you help on this mate

Did the above and also a rebuild after I got the below, still no love

Unable to login now after, “… loading Components …” :frowning:


Looks like the core table didnt clean up, let me try again

  • aclmanager
  • aclterritories
  • core
  • core
  • deployment
  • knowledgebase
  • portal
  • productmanagement
  • projectmanagement
  • questionnaires
  • reporting
  • salesdocuments
  • service
  • telecockpit
  • workflow

The TRUNCATE cleared everything but core and projectmanagement packages.
Then when I load the core package it doubles up and I get the “loading components” on login

OK. I’ll try an install on local environment to see what happens.
You did delete browser cache and closed browser before reloading UI, didn’t you?

full system purge with ccleaner

Could you mention php version,
Database type and version
Browser name and version?

Chrome Version 70.0.3538.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Ubuntu 16.04 (x86_64)
PHP version: 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
MySQL: 5.7.24-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 - (Ubuntu)

Hello, I also get the same error on successful install relating to aclterritories etc.

Today on a fresh install and existing (semi-working environment) I cannot load any packages when selecting UI Language config or UI Config. Both give a blank screen.

The sub URL for language above works in the browser. Fresh master package install.

Regards, Jake.

You should find a mySQL error in sugarcrm.log. Please grab it and post it.