Elasticsearch setup on ubuntu with SpiceCRM


Elasticsearch setup on ubuntu with SpiceCRM

  1. DevOps Engineering

We have setup a staging environment and can not get a stable elasticsearch with our demo Spicecrm instance

Steps taken

Elasticsearch server crashes when data is indexed

Looking for a dev to stabilise and build a stable environment

Still suffering the issues with the Scheduler consuming all the CPU and memory which crashes the elasticsearch server

Secondly, Accounts and opportunities work but not contacts or other random records although indexed in elasticsearch.
Contact records wont load completely, unable to create tasks and there is a error " Component PiplContainer Missing"

Opportunities Kanban view is still not showing correctly, only table list view

Have the issues raised earlier in the year been reviewed?

Do you have a working demo environment which an image of the server instance could be generated and shared?
I feel myself and our developers are missing something with the configuration, can not get a stable environment following your user guides

Is date.timezone set in php.ini?

Are file permissions set properly for modules/Schedulers/ and custom/modules/Schedulers (if customized)? Owner shall be webuser (www-data) and permission 0755

Infinite loop error in scheduler was corrected in SpiceCRM 2019.01.001

elasticsearch mapping improvements were made in SpiceCRM 2019.04.001. Use that version.

Package Loader in UI was also enhanced. Get Kanban view and other settings using Package Loader.

Installed with the latest release from Github

php.ini setup (I have confirmed this is the case over all variations of the php.ini file)

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
; http://php.net/date.timezone
date.timezone = UTC

I have the whole directory setup with www-data user 755 permissions

I have installed all modules in the Package loader via the frontend

Can’t see anything else that I have missed from the video tutorial which seems a little more indepth than the written. But have stepped through all documentation I could find to see if there were any additional configuration. I don’t understand why Accounts would work and the other modules would not, I would have thought it would be the same logic

Would it be possible to have a screensharing meeting so that you can show what doesn’t work and we check elastic mappings?
I use GoToMeeting.
Please, contact me directly at valerie.maret@twentyreason.com