(Kreports Scheduler) failed in CRON run

we are using kreports in suitecrm 7.7.6 version … everything seemed to work before… suddenly there coming an error on the log as below

(Kreports Scheduler) failed in CRON run

we did not make any changes to the reports … Kindly guide

Thanks and regards,

Which KReporter version is it?
Did you just enable cron on your server? In that you may deactivate the KReporter Job in administration > schedulers
Are your sure you haven’t scheduled any report and defined a scheduler for a specific report? A common misunderstanidng when defining a scheduler for a report is to use names for days and month instead of cron expressions.


Thanks for guiding me on the right direction val, one of the report has been effecting this… as I deleted the reports … scheduler got worked…

Thank you very much