Listview empty for contacts


Did a fresh install using latest release with demo data. Accounts listview is ok but impossible to get any data for contacts.
following error within elasticsearch log : org.elasticsearch.index.query.QueryShardException: No mapping found for [last_name.raw] in order to sort on

data are correctly available from direct query to elasticsearch as follows:

curl -GET ‘localhost:9200/spicecrm_contacts/_search?q=*&pretty’

is there any mapping issue somewhere?

BTW how to enable google search and complete?
Thank you in advance.


Thank you for your detailed feedback. We have here a configuration error in our public version. We will correct it error in this month release 201905001.


OK thank you for your quick answer.
Looks strange for me to have such gap between public and commercial release. Difficult for me to trust commercial version (and buy licences) if I can’t evaluate the public release (for frontend) out of the box.
I look forward to testing with the next release.


HI @maretval

I have installed the elasticsearch & configured as per the video but my listview shows empty.
how i troubleshoot the issue.

curl -GET ‘localhost:9200/spicecrm_contacts/_search?q=&pretty’
curl -GET 'localhost:9200/spicecrm_accounts/_search?q=

get the result from above curl url but in listview records are not display.

Accounts shall work.
Did you index the data?
Just call curl -GET 'localhost:9200/spicecrm_accounts/_search

yes get the response

please check below screenshot.

Fix to have a working contacts listview:
Go to administration settings > FTS setup
Select module Contacts > field last_name
Set flag “sort”
Click “save”, “put mapping”, “index”

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Hi @maretval

Thanks for the reply, it helps a lot.

But we are currently facing the issue with FTP configuration.
If we configure the Account module in FTP that time listview is working fine but when we add any module in FTP indexing like contact or lead that time account listview not working.

In FTS configuration you always have to make sortable the field that will be the first one in the list view.
We are currently testing release 201905001 and we will put more resources on FTS testing. New version might solve your problems.

Your elastic version is?

Here is my elasticsearch version