Component GlobalNavigationMenuItem Missing

Hi all,

With some major persusion I finally managed to transfer my SugarCE 6.5.26 to SpiceCRM 2019.12.001, this will be a major step forward!

Now while trying to connect the Frontend, I ran into the “Component GlobalNavigationMenuItem Missing” with the follow-on message: Component “GlobalObtainImportantPreferences” not found. Misconfiguration on the system as the component should have been opened in a modal but is not avilable. Please contact your system administrator.

As I have not been able to locate this issue in this forum, I wonder what happened to my installation to cause this issue.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Kind regards,

Erik, did you retrieve ui configuration ?
After backend installation you have to go to administration > ui config and get the core configuration.

Hi Val,
No I did not, thank you for pointing this out.
Just a question, will the backend interface still be available after this action?
Regards, Erik

Yes, backend interface is standalone