PHP 7.1 support


Is there going to be a Dec 2017 release that supports PHP 7.1?


we had too much to do before Christmas, the release with php7.1 support is postponed to January.


Hi Val,

First of all happy new year!

Is there a specific date for the January release or can you give me an estimate? Will this release include the new UI by default? If not, is there some documentation available on how to activate the new user interface?

Many thanks.

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Hi Romeo,

A great year to you too!

There is no specific release date in January. The release package is currently being tested, the date depends on testing efficiency ;-).
The release includes all files necessary for the new UI to run. But the UI package itself and the documentation are not ready yet. I will inform you about this as soon as I’ve got more details.




we just released SpiceCRM 20180100, the version with PHP7.1 support.
Please download from our public repository



Hello, how to update existing installation to new version?


Proceed with following steps:

  1. Rename you current spicecrm directory
  2. Create a new directory for spicecrm ( use the name it had before renaming)
  3. Unpack the files into it
  4. create a cache directory as in renamed directory
  5. Set permissions (same as you have in renamed directory): for cache, custom and all files
  6. Copy config.php and config_override.php (if present) from renamed to the new directory.
  7. If you had any customizations in custom directory, copy them too.
  8. Call Spicer URL in your browser, login and go to administration
  9. Perform repair > quick repair and rebuild
  10. Perform repair > repair roles



Do I need to copy all files and directories from old cache directory?


No, do not copy content of old cache directory. Content in new cache directory will be updatesd on repair and rebuild


Hi Val,

Does this release contain the new UI by default? If not are there any specific steps required to enable it?

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Hi Romeo,
no it doesn’t. We just prepared backend administration to load UI configuration.
We haven’t scheduled the release of UI public version yet. Sorry not being able to give you more details.


Hi Val

Thank you for your feedback. Are there any chances that the UI public version will get released in February?

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Hi Romeo,
I really can’t tell, sorry.


Hi Val,

In this thread you mention that the workflow module is only available in the Spice UI edition and that it is not free:

Does that only refer to the workflow module or is SpiceUI also subject to licensing fees?

In any case it would be great to receive pricing/licensing info as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


we are preparing a public version of SpiceUI but I can’t tell you when it will be released.
Subject to fees is the workflow module itself including backend and UI parts.
Pricing model is now published yet either, sorry. We are working on it.