How to Setup SpiceCRM UI

May someone give me a detailed guide how to setup SpiceCRM UI?


I am following this guide but “UI config” is not working from administration.

Looks like update of installation guide didn’t work.
Here is the current version SpiceCRM_UI_installation_guide.pdf (1.2 MB)

SpiceCRM UI 2019.01.001 will be published this month with some changes for installation.
I will update this post after publication

Thank you for giving current version.

Oh Great! I am waiting for updated guide.


This attached guide is mentioning this .

This url( is giving 404 error.
I applied this url( and this is working but still version options are not showing in CRM UI Config.


With this url(
I am getting this view.

Thanks for your feedback. Installation process will be reviewed and tested carefully for version 2019.01.001. The changes made for this version are apparently not backwards compatible.
Keeping you posted,

Ok Perfect. Thank you very much.

When are you releasing version 2019.01.001 Please?

January 2019. No specific day is defined

Ok thanks. It is good it is in Jan 19.

We also recorded a full setup procedure as youtube videos in two steps. Part I focuses on the technical base to get all required components installed on a Linux (Debian in our case) instance. Part II then focuses on the installation and setup of the application. We have also updated our Installation Guide.

Thank you very much.