Spring '17 release


Since Spring is here, I have to ask if you are unofficially targeting a particular date for the new version?


you are right with the time of the year. :slight_smile:

The main changes we did over the last couple of weeks / month (since the winter release) have mainly been in the area of Full text Search. Then we are applying our Territorry Management and the big focus is of course the new UI. However the new UI is not to be released yet but will be int he summer time.

We will check internally and see if we do a spring release. In any case any helpo is welcome to support suich a build effort.


Waiting for the next release of Spice CRM with the new UI :slight_smile: Is there a known release date? What are the progress of work? How can I help with project development?


Excited about the upcoming release of spicecrm and the new UI. Any projected release date? How to participate in beta testing?


if you want to get a first feeling for the new UI you can log on to https://demo.spicecrm.io … you can use username ‘jim’ and password ‘jim’. best browser to use is Chrome but Safarai, FIrefox, Edge shoudl work as well.

The new UI is really easy to maneuver and looks amazing, how i wish i can get a copy of the new setup files. Thanks guys.