Pivot Table not using COUNT function correctly

Trying to make a Pivot table to display Customers as rows and open support cases by release version as columns. Tried to use COUNT function in present to populate the pivot chart (e.g. Customer A has 3 cases of version x and 4 cases of version y, total 7 cases). Pivot table is instead pulling case numbers and summing those (Case #'s 100,101 and 103 should total 3 cases, instead totals to 304). If I also try to use COUNT in Manipulate tab, only 1 customer and one release version shows up in pivot table, still with Case # as variable data. I can upload screenshots of manipulate/present tabs if helpful.


Screenshots would be helpful indeed. Please, post them.

We have about 8 versions of our product, over 700 customers and > 1,200 cases… so I’m thinking something isn’t quite right

Conversely, when I remove the COUNT function, all customers and versions show up, but instead of a customer having cases 450 and 451 (displaying 2 for 2 cases of version x); it displays and sums those case numbers respectively

Hi Val,

I figured it out. I set the Values argument in the Manipulate Tab to Fixed Value of 1 and Value Type to Display Sum. then ran the argument in Values in Present tab to Count.