Problem with the owner of the Documents under the Contact

When a user creates a new Document under the Contact the owner is not assigned and the user is not able to see the newly created document in My documents dashlet for instance. How can I fix that?

Best regards, Matjaž

you use quick create functionality for document, don’t you?
assigned user is not set in quickcreatedefs, that’s why assigned user is not saved to document.
We will correct that in next spicecrm release.
Until then you may customize modules/Documents/metadata/quickcreatedefs.php:

  1. Copy /Paste the file to custom/modules/Documents/metadata/quickcreatedefs.php
  2. Add array(‘name’ => ‘assigned_user_name’) after description (see screenshot)

    3.Do repair/rebuild


Hi Val,

thank you for your answer. Quick create works well now.

Best regards, Matjaž