Reports viewable by assigned team questions

I’ve been attempting to create groups in the DList manager, but only the same 4 cases are able to be viewed no matter who is included in the groupings (Sales/Finance/Admin etc.) I ran across the Assign Teams to kreports topic – would following the instructions in that thread be the best way to restrict who can view which reports, or am I missing something in the DList plugin?

Also, is there a way in kReporter to allow users to only view a report as opposed to view/edit?


I am not sure I understand you problem. Distribution Lists (DList Mnagaer) allows you to create recipient lists for reports you want to send on a regular basis.
For example you make an excel export of Opportunity Data each Monday at 7 am and you send to list (intergrate > scheduler) to “sales” group. Only 1 List supported for now.
You’d have something like this

Use ACL (Role Management) to generally grant view/edit access on reports.
If you need more precise dispatch then you’ll need another ACL Controller. SecurityGroups by SugarOutfitters is a popular one or SpiceCRM ACL (only available with SpicecRM full version for now).