SuiteCRM & PHP 7 support


Which version of SuiteCRM and PHP 7 does the new release of KReporter support (4.2) ?


php 7.0.x
SuiteCRM unkwon for now. It also depends on the theme.

Are there any plans to support SuiteCRM? We are considering migrating from from sugarCRM CE to SuiteCRM. if we test KReporter in SuiteCRM and find any issues would it be possible to get them fixed?

KReporter 4.2 seems to work under SuiteCRM 7.6 with 1 slight modification.
7.6 has the old suiteCRM theme. In newer versions having the suiteCRM responsive theme, KReporter does not work.
Under 7.8.0 I get at least the editview. But I can’t drag&drop fields
Unser 7.9.0 I don’t get anything.
It might work with another theme, I can’t tell.
Support plans, not really. We fully focus on SpiceCRM and SpiceUI.