Any way to change the admin password though phpmyadmin?

Just finally got my spicecrm loaded and cannot login. I can get to the database on MySQL server and wondered if I can change the hash and fix it there. I can go into the phpmyadmin and in the table structure I can go to the user admin. But anything I put there doesn’t work. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. I can reinstall again if I need to. I literally haven’t logged in once.

Ok did a fresh install and still cannot login. I know i put in the admin password during the install and the user is admin but just cant login. Also there is no iforgat my password even though i checked it during install. Am i using the wrong installer. I would like to install the latest version. But the newest gave me the no Custom_dir and the upload_dir is missing. I really want to install aclean version of spice.