Blank CSV Exports

Using Latest Version of SuiteCRM

I am having trouble exporting fields such as Name and Billing Country on the Account Module. removing these fields and the export works 100% with them i get a blank report

I have tried casting the fields to text and still nothing

Note: The fields display fine with the normal view

Kreporter does not support suitecrm. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Which kreporter version is it?
Which php version do you run on server?
Do you have any errors thrown in php error log?


PHP Version

KReporter Core v4.1.0
KREST Core v2.5.2
KReporter Base Package v4.1.0

No Errors Sadly

Think I fixed this

I added the following to the field

$dictionary[‘Account’][‘fields’][‘name’][‘evalSQLFunction’] = ‘X’;
$dictionary[‘Account’][‘fields’][‘name’][‘kreporttype’] = ‘text’;

and that seems to export Im imagining that the CSV dosen’t work with any suitespecific field type and the name is type “name”

I can’t even drag fields under SuiteCRM 7.9.0
KReporter does understand sugarcrm specific fieldtypes like name.
As I wrote, KReporter is not focussed on compatibility with SuiteCRM.
Congratulations to your workaround!