Export Button not wroking in Kreporter

Hi Team,

We are not able to export the reports using kreporter , on clicking of export no action performs.

Please let us know the issue.


Sravani, which KReporter version do you have in use in which CRM Version?
Is export button clickable or is it disabled? A screenshot would be helpful.
Do you have any access rights configurations set? Does the problem you describe occur as admin user?

Hi we are on version of v3.0.6 of kreporter

also we have enabled csv,excel and pdf export in the integrate option as per the below screenshot.

Thanks ,Sravani

For confirmation we are checking it by using Admin Access.

on clicking of export nothing happens.But was button was in enabled stage.

We have a SuiteCRM, haven’t you?
SuiteCRM theme may cause problems with Javascript framework used in KReporter. KReporter does not focus on supporting SuitCRM. Unfortunately I can’t debug this. KReporter 3.0.6 is too old. Sorry, can’t help here.

Maretval can you please confirm whether your latest version of kreporter is working with suitecrm or not

latest version will unfortunately not work with SuiteCRM.

Ok Thanks Maretval for the immediate response