Development environment and source control automation

I found these two articles that sound like the best possible way to develop Sugar/Spice in a collaborative environment.

The original is for Sugar7. It would be a big win if someone took a crack at converting to Spice. If someone does it for SugarCE or Suite, I will try to convert that to Spice, but Sugar7 -> Spice is above my paygrade.

we differentiate between collaborative development and deployment. For development we rely on GitHUB (or bitbucket or similar)

For deployment we built our own solution for Deployment Management. is where you can find more infos. This is greared towadrs an ITIL compliant deployment process in mission critical and complex environments.

Tools like github and others are in my opnion not a really reliable solution sicne you always have too many steps in between.

Amongst other features, does landscape manager mainly sync the test system’s php and sql schema to prod and automate repair etc?

And you dont use it for dev-> test rollout. That is still done by pulling git and manually creating schema changes?

Is there an instructional video for landscape manager?

we have not built an instruction video yet. Currently this is in test/rollout with some of our customers. But yes the idea is to manage changes and their deployment from Test -> Quality -> Production.

The landscape manager itself does not do any syncs. The landscape manager only defines all teh syytems and the cross access and rights and the roles of the systems. That is then th ebase for the Deployment Manager. The deployment manager manages the coping of files, backups, syncs of database tabes and entries etc.

Of course using GIT is also an apporach but the issue there is that this is mixxing development and deployment and our approach is to separate the two and build proceses that woudl sustian and itil compliant operation.

If you are interested in using that and have a real usecase send me an email to and we will see how we can directly support you with this.