Drill down not working as expected

Hi all, I have purchased the kreporter plugins, and have been playing around to understand how the plugins work. My issues is related to drill down functionality, I have configured a summary report and a drill down report. However, when I right click and choose an option to view drill down data, it does not seems to be fetching any results.

Drill down report images:

Summary report images:


Final result - pop-up with blank data

Any kind of help here is much appreciated.

Have you tried this example?

No, I had tried this feature using video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCwDAiBzZNQ. The difference I see between this example and video is the use of primary/unique value & different modules(opportunities & accounts which have relationship established)

Does the drill down feature not work with non-primary values ?

I just tried a report with drilldown with value based on an enum field under 4.2.
Value for the enum field is not passed to drilldown report.
That’s the problem. I’ll check this in 4.4.