Problem with Presentation Drilldown Link vs Popup

We are using KReports version 3.1 (licensed) in SuiteCRM and have been having a problem with our drilldown report that used to be working just fine. Our drilldown is set as a link and when we select the drilldown report it is no longer passing the filter to the subreport and the result is that you see all of the information in the report unfiltered.

However, when we set the linktype to Popup, we get the filtered information that we want in the popup window. We don’t like having to scroll the narrow popup so we really want to get the link working again.

In looking at the code in pluginkpdrilldowncontroller.php, I see that a parameter called dynamicoptions is being passed to the subreport and the data in that parameter is json encoded. I captured this encoded para and found that online decoders don’t seem to be able to decode it at all. But maybe I just know how to use them?

It seems like the popup version and the link version are both being json encoded/decoded but only the link version is having a problem filtering properly.

I tried to remove the json encoding/decoding to see if I could get it to work but that seemed to break everything.

Any help would be appreciated.

if KReporter drilldown used to work, what happened? Was any update of SuiteCRM done?
Which version is it?

No update. We are still using SuiteCRM version 7.8.31 which is several years old. I suspect a HTML/browser change??
Another aspect of this that I forgot to mention…I see the correct filter in the populated in the Search/Filter Criteria and if we reinvoke the filters, we get the correctly filtered data.

Just to make sure: you didn’t check the “on user request”, did you?

Here are the settings, The same for both reports.

How many filters / which filters do you have for your drill down report?
Mine is working fine on s SugarCRM CE 6.5.23
My report si an account list with opportunities list as a dropdown on each account
I only have 1 filter on account id

My reports have several filters (8 in the main report and 6 in the drill down report) These are saved with the report. There is a single filter being mapped between these reports and it is a product name. So the report use can see totals in the main report and select the row of a particular product to see all of the detail that made up the total.