Installation Issues

Tried the install on alma linux 9 with php 8.3 But cant get past system requirements. Everything passes except IMAP and Mailparse. I installed imap and mailparse from the command line but still nothing. I could be wrong but not sure if php 8x support imap? Any chance you guys can be less stringent on the requirements so I can setup my mail settings after a general install?

Doesnt work with 8.3 had to revert to 7.4. But now FTS does not work - tried installing elastic search. Pretty daunting install - wish you guys would make the barrier to entry less difficult

php8.2 is max version tested.

Yes I downgraded php to 7.4 still cannot get past FTS page

Is it elasticsearch 7 or 8
Do you an answer when you call the elasticsearch server on port 9200?