Elasticsearch not working

Added elasticsearch settings in config_override.php as indicated but no joy. Its not indexing on 5.1.1.

$sugar_config[‘fts’][‘server’] = ‘’;
$sugar_config[‘fts’][‘port’] = 9200;
$sugar_config[‘fts’][‘prefix’] = ‘spicecrm’;

After setting up indexes, put and index do not seem to do anything. Search returns zero records.

Is there more to the config that this?

Thorsten, you also need to configure the object that are to be indexed in the FTS Manager. We are currently in the process of also writing a documentation for this. It iwll be released early January.

Noted. We got it working. Required a code edit to include

change line 201 to if (!empty($url)) $cURL .= $url; in file \include\SpiceFTSManager\ElasticHandler.php and now working very smoothly.

Nice work on the Elasticsearch support!

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Thank you Thorsten … will check this and update the file for the next release.