Not able to get past the Define Backend Connection Page


I completed the install of the spicecrm on my server. After the installation completed I was given a Define Backend Connection Page and I am not able to get past it. I have given 755 permissions to the config folder and ideally it should create the sites folder inside that and save the site settings but I am not able to get past that. Please see the attached screen shot.

You should get more error mesages using browser developer tools (usually openable pressing F12 key) in network tab


I tried that too. Please look at the below sceenshot.!

Any php error in php error log?


Yes I am getting an error of memory exhausted on the error log. The default memory of the php.ini is set to 128MB. I tried increasing it to 512M but that still fails. Exactly how much should be the memory limit for the application.

Please see the error logs attached.

Here important settings for your php.ini, especially display_errors and date.timezone (shall be set, the timezone itself may vary)

date.timezone = Europe/Vienna


Also I did not complete the elastic search installation and Installed the backend without giving any elastic search configurations. Can this be reason? If so, can I install the elastic search on the server and update the backend config.php to have those values. Just checking.

OK. PLease make sure it’s an Elastic 6.x.
ES 7 is not supported yet

Hi, Thanks for the help. setting the date.timezone = Europe/Vienna was the key. But somehow the labels are not coming correctly. I have run repair and rebuild on the backend but still some of the labels are not working. Can you give some pointers? Thanks for the help in advance.

Go to workbench, the navigation wheel on the top right of the screen
Look for package loader
Then find tab language and load the language