KReporter Plugin for SuiteCRM

Hello Team,

Could you please create the KReporter Plugin/add-on for the SuiteCRM versions?


@rsp , we appreciate your enthusiasm for KReporter! In our journey through implementing modern technologies you are now in a completely different level than SuiteCRM. KReporter is now an angular application fully integrated in SpiceCRM. We have a different view of modern coding and do not wish to go back to what we consider obsolete technologies. We therefore will not develop a KReporter version for SuiteCRM.
What is stopping you from moving to SpiceCRM?

Good Question Val. When it comes to native reporting, SpiceCRM has a very mature reporting module that has been widely distributed in the open-source community - first with SugarCRM then with SuiteCRM not to mention being the ‘go to’ commercial option when an organization needed a robust native reporting tool. The present-day K-reporter (a.k.a Reports) in SpiceCRM is the engine that provides sophisticated reporting capabilities with the ability to inject your own custom SQL queries.

Sounds like a commercial - but it is just a testimony of my experience working intimately with SuiteCRM for 10 years and now SpiceCRM for the past 3 years.

As soon as you tack on the ‘add on’ modules to get the reporting that any serious organization requires, along with adding integration with Office 365 or Google Workspace (native in SpiceCRM More version) - you have already paid more per user than the commercial version (MORE) of SpiceCRM.

The CORE version (free to download) does not have native o365 and Google mail integration (does have basic config of IMAP mail server eg. cPanel’s email service) but it does have the core KReporter - which at its core provides the necessary framework for structuring intelligent reports - the MORE version has plugins for Kreporter that put the zing on the user experience with google maps and advanced charts libraries.

At the very least, it is worth a demo.

I guess, KReporter is totally based on the PHP. We just need to develop KReporter plugin which support PHP 7.x and 8.x versions. SuiteCRM 8.x versions have legacy folder, where you could install KReporter without any integration with Angular and any other technologies. Let me know, what do you think.

@rsp I don’t think it is wise to develop anything for a legacy capability. Sooner or later the legacy will disappear. Feel free to do whatever you think is right. Our way is simply SpiceCRM.