SuiteCRM 7.13.4 and KReporter V3.1 | SuiteCRM 8.x and KReporter x.x

I am learning SuiteCRM and KReporter and totally new to these things.

  1. Is it possible to use KReporter V3.1 with SuiteCRM 7.13.4?
    System config: Ubuntu 22.04, nginx 1.18.0 and PHP 7.4

  2. Could we add legend to KReporter Maps? How could we add it and which file we need to update?

  3. For SuiteCRM 8.x, do we need KReporter above 4.x? Also, what PHP version is compatible with it?

Thank you for your assistance.

KReporter v3.1 and 4.x are no longer supported.

  1. KReporter V3.1 will not run under php 7.4
  2. No. You would need the source files for that. Files are no longer available.
  3. Yes. KReporter above 4.2. php 7.2 compatible. Not sure about 7.4 but as already mentioned, these version are no longer supported.

KReporter is only available with SpiceCRM

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If we have google chart plugin for kreporter, could we add legend to right side of map? Where could we locate code related to it in codebase?

@rsp That would be the kreporter googlemaps plugin, not the googlechart plugin.
You might have a look at modules/KReports/Plugins/Visualization/googlemaps/googlemapsviz.js and lookup for the word legend. Should be already implemented in kreporter 4.x
As mentioned earlier we can no longer provide support for KReporter outside SpiceCRM.

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@rsp I am running KReporter v3.1 with SuiteCRM 7.13.4 under the same system configuration that you mention. There were quite a few modifications required for PHP 7.4 but nothing really difficult. The hardest thing for me was learning how KReports was written. When you get something that doesn’t work (blank page, errors in browser console, etc.) just examine your nginx log and it will point you to the location of the error.
As far as adding the legend to Google Maps, I see references to a legend in the High Charts code.