Kreporter Subpanel Documentation

Hi do you have a link or can you pint me to the documentation to get published reports into a sub panel please.


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this document shall help
KReporter4_SubpanelCapability.pdf (742.8 KB)

hi i have the subapnels displaying but they will not load the report or visualization

i get the following errors.

Uncaught ReferenceError: SpiceCRM is not defined
at index.php?module=Accounts&offset=2&stamp=1540893037063556800&return_module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record=e1c844bb-dfa6-7bce-fb6e-5757f1b8282f:3910
index.php?module=Accounts&offset=2&stamp=1540893037063556800&return_module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record=e1c844bb-dfa6-7bce-fb6e-5757f1b8282f:3958 Uncaught ReferenceError: SpiceCRM is not defined
at index.php?module=Accounts&offset=2&stamp=1540893037063556800&return_module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record=e1c844bb-dfa6-7bce-fb6e-5757f1b8282f:3958
index.php?module=Accounts&offset=2&stamp=1540893037063556800&return_module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record=e1c844bb-dfa6-7bce-fb6e-5757f1b8282f:4006 Uncaught ReferenceError: SpiceCRM is not defined
at index.php?module=Accounts&offset=2&stamp=1540893037063556800&return_module=Accounts&action=DetailView&record=e1c844bb-dfa6-7bce-fb6e-5757f1b8282f:4006

Looks like there is some javascript file missing.
What’s the KReporter Version? In which CRM (name + version) did you install KReporter?

Kreporter 4.2 SuiteCRM 7.7.9

Let’s try this:
Put following line at the top in file modules/KReports/js/KReporterCommon.js

if(typeof SpiceCRM == 'undefined') var SpiceCRM = {};

This is starting to look great :slight_smile:
Is there way to pass context to the subpanel report so that the visualisation is related to the current record?

Yes, there is. As an example in an Account:
In “Select” drag account ID field and operator “assign from parent”

Thanks Val. The “assign from Parent” doesnt seem to do anything.
Run the report from KReporter and this filter is ignored (obviously there is no parent at this stage). I would expect the report to be empty but it contains everything as is there is no filter.
Viewing the report within the subpanel just shows the report as if run from KReporter.
What am I missing?

Do you think we can fix this one?

it’s correct behaviour.
Report iself will display all data.
As a subpanel only the data related to the parent.
I haven’t tried it unser SuiteCRM, I will keep you posted.

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OK. Hoping we can get this one sorted :slight_smile:

on my installation Report in Subpanel is not loaded at all. Subpanel is rendered but there is not content and no query fired to database.
DId you add anything elese despite of the of the code I sent?

Hi Val
That’s the only change we made and it worked for us.
Let me know if you would like FTP access etc.

Hi Simon,
yes please. I just need edit access on modules/KReport.php to add a debug line (see the query generated) and read access on sugarcrm.log. And a user for your crm so thta I can call the report.

Did you manage to access the site Val?

no time these days… trying to check access today

I found the problem and the fix will be published with v4.4.
We were using a variable to get parent ID that only exists in SpiceCRM theme. The variable is not present in SuiteCRM that’s why parent ID is not passed to query.


Fantastic. Let me know how to test on 4.4.
FYI - 4.4 installed on Suite 7.10.10. Integrate tab > Publish Reports > Publish as Subpanel> Accounts Module with selected Tab and Sequence. Presentation tickbox ticked.
Report dashlets not appearing in Accounts on any tabs.