New Installation Guide


Hello is there any current installation guide in 2022?

Best wishes

The usual link with an updated PDF
SpiceCRM Installation guide

Thank you. Is there a Installation Video Tutorial?

We have a video Tutorial explaining how to setup the environment

Regarding installation process itself the video you will find on youtube is deprecated. Just go through the screens and perform after installation tasks as described in the installation guide.

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Apologies, the installation guide was not updated.

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Thanks, my system is now running.
I can’t install FTS Default Settings under Package Loader?

when i boot up spicecrm my elasticsearch service failed at the startup

How many RAM do you prefer on the System?

You won’t get FTS status if elastic is not running.
Here an example of a test environment installation based on 3 servers.

You can can have all apache2, MySQl and elastic in the same server.
I don’t think that your problem is related to machine memory but I can’t help in that matter.

Okay thanks

Now i have migrated the System with more RAM and the ElasticSearch Service works but i cant install the FTS Default Setting Package.

Elastic Version is: 7.10.1

The FTS Default Setting Package is not what your screenshot shows.
Under FTS Status hit the initialize button

Indexes will be created for the modules.