No records are showing in list view

No records are showing in list view. The ‘search post’ call is returing ZERO records.

There is some issue in backend for that search post api.


The list view is generated by elasticsearch index.

Check that elastic search is running:
Call http://yourhost:9200
You should get a JSON containing version number, build flavor among other things.

Check if you have an index for accounts:
Assuming you named the index prefix spicecrm, call http://yourhost:9200/spicecrmaccounts/_search
you will get the first 30 or 50 indexed entries.
spicecrmaccounts = index prefix + module name lower case

In release 201901001 (testing will be completed this week) we improved the default ES configuration. Might be wise to wait for that release.

Release 201901001 is published.
We also recorded a full setup procedure as youtube videos in two steps. Part I focuses on the technical base to get all required components installed on a Linux (Debian in our case) instance. Part II then focuses on the installation and setup of the application. We have also updated our Installation Guide.

Thank you very much.
May you please guide how to setup elastic search with spiceCRM.

for elastic search itself just run standard installation.
In SpiceCRM: open config.php and set following variables:

'fts' =>
    array (
        'server' => 'localhost', //server where elastic is running
        'port' => '9200', //port to access elastic
        'prefix' => 'spicecrm', //prefix for index names in elastic
        'loglevel' => '0', //for debugging. Accepts 0 | 1 | 2 . The higher the more is logged
        'schedulerpackagesize' => 5000, //default is 5000. Max. number of records to index during scheduled indexing job
        'log_clean_interval' => "14 DAY", //there is Scheduler job in SpiceCRM which cleans up the FTS logs. This value defines to delete logs older than 14 days.

Add the variables if they are not present in config.php

Then you may activate the FTS indexing Scheduled Job in SpiceCRM administration > Scheduler
Or Index entries manually over Spicecrm UI administration > FTS

OK great!
I try and let you know.

Thank you

I am having this error on frontend.

I am having this error for elastic search indexing.

no index was found.
Is elastic search running?
What do you get when you call only http://localhost:9200 ?

I get this: