FTS Configuration Error while Installing and Also Can't Request a DEMO


I have been trying to request a demo for the SpiceCRM for quite a long time.

But every time, I request for the demo there is an error.

I even downloaded the zip file from the GIT but while installing, I got stuck on the FTS configuration section.

Can you please tell me what next step should I take?


Austin Turner

You need to install elasticsearch
Elasticsearch: Die offizielle Engine für verteilte Suche und Analytics | Elastic (that’s the German page ).
The English might be Elasticsearch: The Official Distributed Search & Analytics Engine | Elastic

The installation documentation is under https://www.spicecrm.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/SpiceCRM_UI_installation_guide_allinone.pdf

You downloaded the current zip from the public GIT repository containing the master branch

Hi @maretval

I have already gone through all the links that you have shared.

Is there any option without installing the elastic search?

Because I have been trying so hard but couldn’t able to install the elastic search.


@austin : no. Without elasticsearch the system won’t work properly.
You may visit our demo site at https://demo.spicecrm.com and login as jim with password jim.
It is a test user having permissions for sales.