Error with: invalid url when doing FTS Server during install

I can go to and see everything right but cannot get past the FTS configuration page. it says ERROR with: invalid url. Can i get someone to help? This is during the install of SpiceCrm

I guess you downloaded current version 2020.02.001
You triggered install from frontend and not backend.
Is url rewritin activated on your web server?

What I’m trying to do is setup spice on a new Ubuntu box. 20.04 I get to the part about fts configuration and it says invalid url. Is there a way to get instructions for a new install for current php etc.

Here is the link to latest installation process



OK guys Is there any way to help me with a fresh install of spice? I have been using suitecrm and have been waiting for a while until the development of Spicecrm has evolved. I have an esxi Box to deploy any flavor of linux or even windows as a vm. I have stand alone server ready if needed. I have been trying to install a server with ubuntu 20.04 with many problems from elastic to php. I have an install ready to go on siteground but when i get to the elastic (FTS) configuration page, i get invalid URL, even though I can get to elastic from there with the proper output. I can go any way but just cant get it done. I thought by installing to an esxi box on ubuntu I could just use localhost/spicecrm to install and the worry about the outside later, but I cannot get the backend path to work during setup. Does anyone want to conncect with me to help me get past the install?

What about tomorrow at 2pm?
We have GoToMeeting as a telco software and I would send you an invitation.
I am open to any other tool you’d prefer to use.
Please contact me directly to