Global Dashboard

How do we enable a page on the dashboard to become globally visible - not just limited to one particular user but display the same layout to all users. Where can this be set/toggled?

This would make a page with e.g. Sales Target report easy to see by entire company

Thorsten … this is currently hidden functionality. You need to add module SpiceThemePages to the admin modules and then can add pages there. Requires some know how. We will then add this functionality with our completly new UI this year.

Thanks; can the steps be listed here on the current release. We can do the tweaking if you can guide us where to adjust code/include SpiceThemePage?

I enabled SpiceThemePages:
SpiceTheme Theme Settings, Home-Pages Administration (BETA)
Also i can access this link and created data

but i don’t know how to create Global Dashboard and dashlets with it. May you give me advice or guide me? Thanks

We don’t support this feature anymore.