Problem with list view of SpiceUI and login screen

I’ve created new instance of SpiceCRM, based on:

but after adding any record to any module, record exists in database but is not present on list view. Can you help me please?

I’ve also problem with login screen: loading on right side of screen never disappear (check attached screen



Listview is coupled to Full Text Search (FTS).
Did install elasticsearch, set FTS variable during backend install process and index the demo data?

Screen on the right calls external site Your firewall might block it.

Hello maretval,
thanks for your response.
I’ve loaded default configuration for FTS and list views now works, thank you!

Problem with login screen still occurs, I’ve called command “curl -XGET” from SSH and response is valid. Also, there is no any problem in Console or Network tab. Any ideas?



which error do get in Browser console > network?
You should see some error there.


I’ve found problem: there was error 500 when calling

Error in logs:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function getallheaders() in /var/www/spicecrm/proxy/proxy.php:38

That’s problem with my infrastructure. Thanks for your help!


Thanls for posting this. We allready added die getallheaders() function when it doesn’t exist. But it looks like the timing to create it is not the right one.
Taking this into account for next release.