Snapshot error - accents


We are using kreporter v3.1 and we have a situation:

We see that the accents in the Snapshot of the reports are replaced by the corresponding ASCII characters. In the original report and when exporting them to a CSV, the accents are fine, but when they see the snapshot, they no longer work.

Is this a bug in v3.1?
Is there any solution that does not involve doing an update of the version?


Ralph, thank you forreporting the bug.
It is now fixed in next KReporter release 4.2.
Modifications where made in 1 file only: modules/KReports/KReport.php

Snapshots you already made will still have the broken unicodes for non latin chars (not saved properly in database) but new snapshots will render as wished.

Since we don’t support KReporter 3.2 anymore, I won’t create a patch for upload in sugar module loader.
But I can send you the file corresponding to KReport.php 3.1 per e-mail. Any address where I could send it ?

My email address is