Portgresql as database

can we use portgresql as database in spicecrm? if can, how to setting it?


PostGreSQL is supported in SpiceCRM 20170900 which we are releasing today.
Deeper functionality tests were not run, I count on your feedback.
In case postgre is not recognize on installation, install with mysql.
Then go to config.php and edit db_config settings.
db_type for postgre is ‘pgsql’



I have install it with mysql, and edit in config, but when i access it, it says , i cannot access to the postgres.

i got this message

and this is the log

I forgot to mention that parameter db_manager has to be set to PostGreSQLManager

Ok, I have change it but the error is same.

Thanks for your feedback Adrian, it looks like our postgre plugin is not fully ready. I will add the feature to the road map for Winter release.
Just to make sure: you can connect to postgre using php outside of spicecrm can’t you?

Ok thanks maretval, I will wait it.
yes i can.